SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The day before Casey Bokslag disappeared, he walked into a gun store and bought a handgun.

That information was discovered in two newly released search warrants connected to his disappearance.

The 29-year-old former marine disappeared on June 6. Surveillance video from his South Salt Lake apartment showed him leaving shortly before noon.

Two days later, his family reported him missing. His car was found that night on I-80 near the Utah-Wyoming border.

According to a search warrant executed by South Salt Lake Police, Bokslag bought a handgun on June 5 at Get Some Guns in Murray. The day before that, he withdrew $100 from an ATM. His father said it wasn’t surprising.

“We were aware that he had a desire to buy a handgun,” said Robert Bokslag. “He went shooting with his youngest brother many times to the shooting range and we thought he bought a gun just for that, for shooting practice.”

When authorities searched his car, there were no signs of foul play. But his license plates were missing.

“It was done very deliberately,” Bokslag said. “It was done without a rush. The screws were put back in. Whoever did it, took their time to take their plates off.”

There was no sign of the handgun or any other of Bokslag’s possessions.

“[Handgun has] gone missing, together with Casey, his backpack, his keys,” said his father. “Pretty much all his belongings that he had on him are gone.”

A second search warrant indicated they did find DNA in the vehicle. It’s unsure who it belonged to but a spokesperson for the police said it’s being tested.

“DNA is everywhere but if the DNA is not my son’s that will give us at least some leads,” the elder Bokslag said.

On the family’s website is a list of some of the items Casey should have had with him. It includes a key chain, his backpack, and other accessories. All are still missing.

South Salt Lake Police said there’s no evidence of foul play and for now, it’s just a missing person case.

On Wednesday, Bokslag appeared nationally on the News Nation network.

Host: “Where does that leave you right now? What questions do you have with things that just aren’t adding up.

Bokslag: “It’s more of a lack of evidence. We really have nothing to go on.”

A $50,000 reward is being offered in hopes someone has information. Bokslag’s not sure if that has yielded any tips.

With little to go on, some are beginning to wonder if Casey disappeared on his own.

“If he did it, he did a great job,” said his father. “But I would think and hope, of course, seeing the way my son is, he would have left a note.”