SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Beau Riddle drove into Littlefield, Ariz. on Friday.

He was dropping a 5th Wheel trailer for his new employer.

“He just started this job with this company and he was so excited about it,” said his wife Kim Riddle.

He was scheduled to pick up another trailer and deliver it to Idaho. But he suddenly disappeared that Friday.

A family spotted his vehicle and trailer in an empty parking lot Friday morning. But by noon it was gone.

“So that’s kind of the last time I know people had seen him, still attached to his truck and trailer and obviously driving around,” said his wife.

But Friday afternoon, Riddle sent a text to his employer and said he was having a “nervous breakdown.” The manager, according to his wife told him to stay put.

“Immediately they responded back telling him they could get him a hotel room and get the help that he needed but he never replied at that point,” said Riddle.

After notifying authorities, Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies on Saturday found his trailer abandoned near Littlefield.

Sunday, his orange pickup truck was also found in nearby bushes a short distance from Littlefield.

“They have his footprints on his running board which I was able to verify that that’s the type of shoes he always wears,” she said. “They just followed those tracks into a huge ravine where choppers can’t see a lot because there’s a lot of shrubbery and trees.”

But there wasn’t anything else found belonging to Riddle. His father suspected foul play. Authorities don’t believe that but issued a missing persons attempt to locate in a three-state area.

His wife believed he panicked because he’s such a perfectionist.

“My fear is the thought of disappointment might have triggered a major anxiety attack,” she said. “On top of that with all other things out here, like the heat and stuff, he has not been able to think clearly.”

Authorities continued to search for Riddle Monday. They are also warning against volunteer search efforts because they may contaminate the area where he was last seen.

The family also says they were concerned about the state of Beau’s truck after it was found, stating it was in a state of disarray.

“Beau was a perfectionist and compulsively kept everything clean and in order,” said Kim Riddle. “The back door of the truck was down and clothes were even found in the bed of the truck. Even when Beau is suffering from anxiety, he is still obsessed with keeping everything in place.”

On Tuesday, the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Team began using canines to search the area of Beau’s truck and trailer.

Anyone who may have seen Riddle since Friday is urged to contact the Layton Police Department at 801-497-8300 or the Mojave County sheriff’s office at 928-768-7055.