TOOELE, Utah (ABC4) – The Morris family is desperate and realize time is running out.

On June 25, Rick Morris disappeared from home. He’s diabetic and recorded low blood sugar levels in the early hours of that morning. It was under those conditions that he left home.

Mariah Morris is Rick’s sister and said that morning their mother checked on him and saw that his blood sugar was at a 37. She said he made sure he ate food.

“(Mother) stayed up to check on him afterwards and then he went upstairs to have a conversation with my sister and that was at 1:55 a.m.,” said the sister. “That’s the last time anybody saw him. When my mom went to check on him at 2:30 a.m. to double-check his blood sugar levels, he was gone.”

Which direction he went remains a mystery. After three weeks of searching, the family is no closer to finding him.

Saturday, two pilots with Western State Aerial Search conducted a drone search in empty fields west of Tooele. The fields are about a mile from the Morris home on 700 South.

Justin Holm and Greg Nuckols are with the non-profit group based in Orem. The organization specializes in searching for missing people.

“We just want to try and help these families,” said Nuckols. “We hope to bring Rick back to his family.”

The drone will help the Morris family see what’s out in the fields that are hundreds of acres. It will cover the terrain a lot quicker and save them valuable time.

Morris’ sister has been at the forefront of the search. Every day, she devotes time and effort hoping for a miracle.

“We hope that he’s somewhere safe,” said Morris. “But the reality is, I mean, I never thought that I’d be searching a huge field like this looking for my brother’s body because he didn’t get his insulin.”

She said when he left he didn’t take his medication, cellphone or wallet. It tells her he may have been already suffering from low blood sugar when he left the home.

For the next hour, she and others watch the monitor displaying the camera from the drone. If there’s something suspicious, Nuckols said they will mark it and have a closer look.

“If we see anything, we will notify the authorities,” he said.

At his home on 700 South, Vern Morris maintains a makeshift desk that sits outside their home. There are maps that outline where searches have been conducted in the Tooele area.

“The last indication we have is some people have seen him walking in this area along Vine street towards middle-canyon,” said Vern Morris.

He said that possible sighting is the only clue they have so far. Whether he made it to the mountains remains a mystery. That’s why he’s asking the public to search their own property.

“(Check) the videos, the cameras that will give us a better location as to where he may be.” Morris said. “Check your window wells, check boats, trailers, anything in your yard, barns.”

Search dogs have also picked up Rick’s scent but it’s hard telling when he was last in the area.

“From what I understand when a dog is picking up a scent they can’t differentiate when it was the day he went missing or a couple of days before,” said Michelle Palmer with Corner Canyon Investigations.

Like so many others, she too is volunteering her expertise to help find Rick Morris.

“We’ve been trying really hard to get the county and the local sheriff’s department involved,” Palmer said. “(We’re trying to) get them involved as much as they can. They’ve been helpful. They just needed more of a direction to travel and search.”

Saturday, deputies from the Tooele County sheriff’s office and other volunteers combed the area in middle-canyon. But there wasn’t anything of substance found.

It was another day that ended like so many others, there was no sign of Rick.

“You don’t want to get your hopes up because it crushes you when it’s not him and you don’t find anything,” said Mariah Morris. “You want that hope to be there but it’s so hard to hope and not have anything.”

There is a Facebook page devoted to Rick Morris. Anyone with information can also contact the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office.