Missing in Utah: Angelo Martinez, dead or hiding from the law?

Missing In Utah

OGDEN Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Angelo Martinez got a second chance.

He was set free after accepting a plea deal that prevented him from staying behind bars. The charges were minor, two misdemeanors. One was for trespassing and the other for drug possession.

He walked out of the Weber County jail and was never seen again.

“Angelo, he was about 30-years-old when he went missing,” said his aunt, Deseri Martinez. “He ended up in a bad spot in his life. sometimes it happens. He became homeless. But it’s kind of weird because we all knew where he was.”

When he left jail in October 2017, he was still on probation. He was supposed to find housing, get a job and refrain from alcohol and drugs.

Court records indicated he didn’t have a place to stay. He suddenly disappeared that day in October.

“There were times he’d come, even to my house and eat,” his aunt said. “We all live close, his two grandmothers and I. We all live pretty close and it just stopped. it just stopped.”

Deseri Martinez and other family members kept their eye out for Angelo. They contacted his known friends but no one had seen him.

Ogden police were contacted and eventually, his picture, name and circumstances of his disappearance were entered into NAMUS, a national database for missing persons.

Despite the nationwide alerts for Angelo Martinez, there was no progress in locating him.

“He did have a Facebook account and even was active on it,” said Deseri Martinez. “We’d see him and he’d post pictures.

But she said that also stopped in 2017. Family members thought he may have hopped on a train and left for California.

That changed when rumors started to float around that he had been threatened.

“People had started talking that there’s this guy that had confessed to his girlfriend that he hurt him and left him up the mountain,” his aunt said.

But detectives with Ogden police found no evidence of that.

“We don’t have any credible leads that would suggest or would suggest that he disappeared under suspicious circumstances,” said Lt. Tyler Ziegler.

Court records indicated there was a sighting shortly after he left the jail.
His sister told the parole officer that he was “using drugs and living on the street.”

When he failed to show up for court-mandated hearing, the judge issued a warrant for his arrest and “revoked probation” and his original prison sentence was instituted.

“We would suspect he would probably not want to be found at least by the police in fear of being incarcerated,” said Lt. Ziegler.

But Angelo’s aunt isn’t sure that was the case. She didn’t believe the case was thoroughly investigated and is bracing for the worst.

“I really kind of am,” said Deseri Martinez. “I’m heartbroken because we feel like the rumors that went out were true. I think he hurt him and left him.”

Lt. Ziegler said the case remains active but police need help. He said they would re-investigate if someone provides new information about his disappearance.

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