SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Lance Kelly and Ty Corbin have never met Dylan Rounds. Yet, they’re determined to keep looking for him.

Rounds disappeared in late May. He was operating his own farm near Lucin in western Box Elder County.

Authorities have named James Brenner as a suspect in Rounds’ disappearance. Brenner is currently under arrest on unrelated weapons charges.

Kelly and Corbin live near Montello, Nevada, a short distance from Lucin. Rounds was operating his own farm outside of Lucin.

Kelly said he met Justin Rounds during the first days of his son’s disappearance. “It started as a promise to Justin, Dylan’s dad, that we were going to search for him and not stop,” said Kelly.

Nearly every day, Kelly, his wife and Corbin will be out looking for Rounds. Even though there’s a $100,000 reward offered, they say they have no desire to take the money. All they want to do is find Dylan and understand the reality his parents are facing.

“We’ve come to think that he’s probably not with us anymore, that he’s out in the desert… somewhere,” said Corbin. “My opinion is James Brenner did this. He knows the area, he’s familiar with it.”

Earlier this month, Kelly was determined to find Brenner’s property in hopes of finding clues. No one had been there, until now.

During a recent search, Kelly and his wife found it. They have a YouTube channel called Earthworm Infertainment and livestream or post their searches.

The cabin search had over 47,000 views and countless comments from their viewers. “Yeah, we found it,” Kelly could be heard on the post. “This is some more burnt wood.”

But Brenner’s cabin was burned down. Kelly thought there had been an explosion, then his wife found something else.

“Kendra is down off the hill and she notices these shovels and so she yells over at me ‘There’s some shovels over here,'” Kelly told ABC4. “We come over and checked them out. The shovels are standing up, straight out of the ground.”

It appeared the ground had recently been disturbed. He didn’t search any further, but he contacted authorities. The tip brought law enforcement to Brenner’s cabin a week ago. They didn’t find any evidence that linked Brenner to the crime.

But that won’t stop them. They have continued to search along the railroad lines where big rocks and small boulders could easily cover a body. They brave the 100-degree temperatures and are constantly on alert for rattlesnakes.

And after a search, the men are on YouTube answering questions. One recent episode took them deep into an underground mine.

“So Lance is being very careful in these mines,” Corbin said. “We don’t want to have people to have to come out and rescue us.”

He said they let others know they’ll be searching and when to expect their return. For now, there are no plans to stop searching for Dylan.

“Until he’s found, until someone finds him,” said Corbin. “We pray that anybody finds him, not just us.”