TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (ABC4) – It’s Sunday at the Taylorsville Cemetery.

And a gathering is huddled around a headstone. It belonged to Lloyd Reese who is believed to have died in 1985.

They were there to view the unveiling of Reese’s headstone.

“Even though he is still missing, he’s not going to be forgotten ever,” said his younger sister Thunder Alexander.

36-years ago, Reese, who was only 14-years-old, disappeared along with his friend David Jaramillo.

Authorities believed their car missed a turn at the East Canyon reservoir and fell into the water. Their bodies were never found.

But thanks to donations, Reese’s family now has a place to worship with him.

“(I hope) wherever you are, you are happy,” said Alexander during the grave site ceremony. “Just know we think of you every day. Just because we’re doing this, it doesn’t mean that we’re giving up.”

Last summer there was a major search at the East Canyon reservoir.

Professional divers for a group that calls itself “Profiling Evil” used sonar to comb through the bottom of the reservoir.

A vehicle was found, but it wasn’t the one driven by Jaramillo that night.

“Can I say 100% the vehicle is not over there?” Doug Bishop, one of the divers asked in August. “No, but as many dives as they’ve made searching the area, yeah.”

But at the end of the two-day search, Mike King who hosts the “Profiling Evil” podcast, offered to raise money to pay for a headstone and burial plot.

“It just seems like the right thing to do,” said Mike King.

Four months later, the gesture became a reality and friends turned out to support Reese’s family.

“I came out because my boys need to be put to rest,” said Bruce Warner who at the time was Reese’s stepfather. “It’s been a long time for Lloyd, some 30-plus years.”

There was enough money for the purchase of a second headstone. It was for Alexander’s brother, Darrell Reese, who died in 2008.

“I am so thankful for what they have done and for everything that they’ve donated and helped us with,” Alexander said.

On this Sunday, Lloyd Reese may have been there in spirit, looking down on those who still love him.

“Just know we think of you every day,” Alexander said during the grave site ceremony. “Just because we’re doing this, doesn’t mean that we’re giving up.”