Minimally invasive surgeries fix the problem without the large scars


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) As a woman, there are some surgeries that may be necessary to have. But it’s not necessary to have a scar. Dr. Stephanie Henderson, a women’s health specialist from Granger Medical Clinic, joined Nicea DeGering to explain how that is possible.

Henderson says minimally invasive surgery has become the standard of care. She says, where it was traditional for women to be in the hospital for 3-4 days and receive a big incision across their stomach for a hysterectomy, it is not the norm now. Doctors can now do surgeries by making an incision through the belly button, and two smaller ones on the sides of the stomach. Patients can go home the same day and expect a quick recovery.

Doctors who are certified in these types of surgery go through an additional two years of fellowship in order to offer them robotically, vaginally and laparoscopically. Issues that can be treated include heavy menstrual bleeding, uterine fibroids, pelvic pain, incontinence and endometriosis. 

Benefits to minimally invasive surgery include quicker recovery, same-day discharge, decreased complications, and decreased blood loss.

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