SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence made a quick stop in the Beehive State Wednesday.
Governor Mike Pence’s speech was everything you would expect form a rally in a state where the race is close.
It was energetic and riled up supporters who are trying to rally Utah Republicans who are on the fence or supporting a third party candidate.
There were several speakers before Pence who mentioned third party candidate Evan McMullin by name and said a vote for him is a wasted vote.
Other Trump supporters like Linda Darnell said they were upset a third party candidate was even running.
“I think it’s very disappointing,” said Darnell. “I think a true Republican would not do that.”
Some supporters even voiced their anger towards conservatives LDS Church members who they believe are helping McMullin surge in the polls.
One supporter even shouted “McMormons” while Pence was speaking about third party candidates on stage.
Trump supporter Robert Klos blames people like Mitt Romney for the decent seen in Utah.
“I’m upset with Romney for what he’s done for degrading Mr. Trump,” said Klos.
Once Governor Pence came on stage he spent the majority of his speech going after Secretary Hillary Clinton’s record from her emails to Benghazi.
Governor Pence ended his speech with the theme of “coming home” which was aimed at uniting Utah Republicans to vote for their ideals.