MIDWAY, Utah (ABC4) – As Utahns get ready for snowfall this week, another winter spectacle is beginning to take shape.

The Ice Castles in Soldier Hollow of Midway have officially begun construction this week. Ice artisans are growing and harvesting icicles that will become the building blocks of frosted masterpieces.

Every day, ice artisans will hand place up to 10,000 individual icicles to create their one-of-a-kind frozen sculptures. The event draws thousands of visitors a year and spans an acre of land.

An ice castle in progress. (Courtesy of Ice Castles)

Visitors will be treated to a handmade ice fortress, ice-carved tunnels, slides, fountains, throne, horse-drawn sleigh rides down an illuminated trail, and more. At night, color-changing LED lights will illuminate the unique ice sculptures, making a picture-perfect winter spot for friends and loved ones.

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