MIDVALE, Utah (ABC4) – The Salt Lake County Health Department and law enforcement agencies shut down a residential support facility in Midvale Wednesday, amid what the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office calls “deplorable living conditions.” Gene Montoia lives across the street from Evergreen Place, a congregate living facility housing people with various health issues, including mental health. Montoia says he, along with some neighbors, has been filing complaints about the facility for some time.

“I told them, you need to come and take a look at this place, something is not right,” says Montoia.

On Wednesday residents of Evergreen Place were evacuated from the facility after a sewage backup lead to unsuitable living conditions, according to the Salt Lake County Health Department.

“We knew there was a sewage leak, our inspector came, addressed what we thought was a plugged line, they fixed that, they cleaned the carpets and did what they needed to, and then it happened again immediately, hence the fact we are now aware the sewage system doesn’t work,” says Dale Keller, the Bureau Manager at the Salt Lake County Health Department. The fire department was also on the scene to assess fire safety-related issues.

“I know they had some pretty compelling deficiencies relative to fire extinguishers and egress and some of those types of things,” says Keller.

After possible signs of neglect, law enforcement confirmed a criminal investigation into the facility in partnership with the Metro Mental Health Unit.

“My emotions when I seen it happening, finally, finally someone has come to take a look at this,” says Montoia.

At last report, living accommodations were made for most of the evacuated residents.