There’s an infestation celebration at Utah’s Hogle Zoo


There’s an infestation celebration at Utah’s Hogle Zoo!  Black ants, lady bugs, Tarantulas and dragon flies just to name a few, are on display now through September 11, 2017.  And you can see them all with the price of zoo admission.

The 14 larger-than-life animatronic bugs are spread throughout zoo grounds.  These bugs move, make noise and some even spit!

Hogle Zoo also has real bugs.  Bugs will be a focal point in daily programming at Discovery Theater, in education classes and also those on display in the Small Animal Building.

And there’s more fun at the zoo this summer.  You’ll be seeing spots with Rafferty and Roman, the new Amur Leopard cubs. There are only an estimated 60 of the animals remaining in the wild, so people all over the world are celebrating their birth.

There’s also a new baby zebra and she’s the first Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra ever born at Utah’s Hogle Zoo. Her keepers say she has one speed — always running!

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