Smith’s offers home grocery delivery service from PigeonShip


Some people in Utah have a new option to going to the grocery store.

Utilizing Smith’s online grocery ordering service, ClickList, which offers more than 40,000 items from desktop or mobile devices, customers can now also choose home delivery by Pigeonship in two test market areas.

The delivery service started June 15 from Smith’s Marketplace in Saratoga Springs and will begin June 29 from Smith’s Marketplace in Springville.  Home delivery is $11.95 for each trip, with no minimum or maximum order required.

Here’s how it works.  A customer goes to and selects from 40,000 grocery items to build their grocery cart.  Customers can use the same day pick-up at the store or choose the home delivery option with the same four-hour window.

The customer can then track their groceries through an app or email link and will know the precise time the order will arrive. The driver will then carry the groceries to the door.

PigeonShip is the first pickup and delivery service in Utah that offers faster, smarter and hassle-free item or package delivery. PigeonShip utilizes “already going there” drivers wanting to make some extra income, and connects senders who are looking for a fast, cheap and reliable delivery service.

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