Mind-blowing murals by international artists come to The Gateway

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) The Gateway is launching one of the biggest public art initiatives in Utah history. Today Bergendi Hatch, Creative Director at Vestar, joined Nicea Degering to talk about how they hope this impacts the Salt Lake area.
Massive murals now adorn several walls in and near The Gateway, hoping to redefine its role in downtown Salt Lake City. One mural covers the walls of the Clark Planetarium, and the other looms above the Planetarium TRAX station on 400 West. 
Various areas of the property have been dedicated to mixed-medium art installations–digital, traditional, video, and vinyl. The Gateway hopes to move away from a traditional “mall” concept and into a place where people can experience something new. The company has brought in artists like 2Alas and Dourone to help accomplish this goal.
2Alas is an arts collective comprised of New Yorker Andrew Antonaccio and Cuban-born Filio Galvez. The two are a leading force for public art in Miami. They have worked on murals in Italy, Switzerland and Puerto Rico. Their work consists of bold, modern interpretations of what it means to be human in a heavily mediated society.
Dourone started as a graffiti artist in Madrid. His art has a reputation for painting passionate, expressive murals in a style that has come to be defined as “sentipensante,” meaning a contraction of the Spanish words “feeling” and “thinking.”
Two of Dourone’s pieces of art are currently on display, and two more installations are being added in the near future. Along with art additions at Olympic Fountain square, Hatch hopes this project will transform the public art scene in Salt Lake City. 

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