Debunking the myth that the most used room is the “dirtiest” room

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Jake from Zerorez agreed to come up to Park City and brave two teenagers’ bedrooms. Teenagers are not totally clean, and accidents are common. Also, if you have teenagers and a dog, then you will have cleaned up many messes. 

Zerorez understands you, your family, pets, and everyone come in close contact with the carpet. Empowered water, Zerorez’s cleaning solution, doesn’t use any soaps or harsh chemicals that leave behind a harmful residue. 

Jake cleaned Reagan’s rooms in just about an hour later. They found that her guest room was one of the “dirtiest” rooms. Not because of traffic, but because the carpet is the home’s biggest filter. Rooms may not be vacuumed if they are not used often, however, they still act as a filter and collect lots of debris.

Whether there is a snow storm or you live in park City Zerorez will come out make you carpets brand new. Visit or to schedule an appointment.

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