AYL & County Seat: Nitro Games and ‘Red, White & Road’ to National Preparedness Month

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4Utah) – We love watching their shows, wether it’s At Your Leisure or County Seat, it’s Chad and Ria Booth. This weekend they embark on new adventures and discuss compelling local county issues.

At Your Leisure:

  1. Red, White & Road

Join AYL and Steadman’s for the tenth annual Red, White and Road event which features the most scenic motorcycle ride in America along Highway 12. The ride takes place September 13th and 14th and includes a lunch and luau inspired dinner by gourmet chef Anthony Lujan.

You can register here: https://cbco.kartra.com/page/sZQ7

2. Nitro Games at Utah Motorsports Park

A show similar to Nitro Circus, but an open competition between the next motor-cross stars from Utah.

County Seat:

  1. Roads

The County Seat topic this weekend is roads. Specifically about the conflict of roads crossing private land. The discussion will explore begs answers to questions like, where the right away comes from, how long it takes for one to become a public road, and what establishes a public road? Believe it or not something as simple as a road is a big controversy. It’s going on in like four counties across the state right now. And there are issues very different issues about road access.

2. National Preparedness Month

National Preparedness Month is focused on evacuations. Recently we’ve seen and been alert for fires on the Wasatch Front, some requiring evacuations. Elsewhere we’ve seen floods and hurricanes. The show will look at the kind of impact these have on county government and what people need to do to be prepared to make that decision to evacuate.

Tune into County Seat and At Your Leisure on ABC4Utah.

County Seat – Sunday’s at 11pm and Saturday’s at 8:30am

At Your Leisure – Sunday’s at 10:30pm and Saturday’s at 9am.

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