Make ‘The Talk’ easier and prepare your kids for sex with the “822 Formula”


It’s the talk that parents dread. All day on News4Utah, we are talking about The Talk– when to have it, how to have it, and what to say– that can make a big difference for your child when it comes to sex. Parenting Expert Richard Eyre, joined Nicea DeGering, to talk about his book he wrote on this tough subject.

Eyre says his book is not a theory. It’s an actual dialogue that includes what to say to responses and questions your children may have. This allows you to be ready for whatever your kids say. Eyre says each child is different, but this book lays it out in an easy formula called the “822 Formula.”

This book has 2 goals. The first is to protect them from early, experimental sex, and the second is to give them a wholesome and positive attitude for sex. This will allow them to have a better physical relationship with their partner.

Richard and Linda Eyre’s bestselling book How to Talk to Your Child about Sex contains an actual dialogue that parents can use in “the big talk.”  Click here to go directly to that dialogue.

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