Local company provides Halloween costumes for disabled kids


A local company wants to make sure kids with disabilities get the same experience on Halloween as those without any. Randee Wells, along with Seth and Guy Johnson from ‘Magic Wheelchairs’ Foundation, joined Midday’s Emily Clark to talk about how they are making that happen.

It is every child’s dream to have the best costume, and ‘Magic Wheelchair’ makes that happen for kids in wheelchairs. But these aren’t just any costumes. They design whatever the child chooses, and then their dreams are made into reality.

The Johnsons have been building a fantastic costume for 5 year-old Bronson Minor, who has been in a wheelchair his entire life. They say he wanted nothing more than to ride in Daniel Tiger’s Trolley. Together they are making it happen, complete with lights and sounds. The organization is holding a big reveal party for Bronson’s family and friends on Wednesday, October 25th. 

For more on Bronson’s story, go to https://give.classy.org/magic-bronson.

To learn more about the ‘Magic Wheelchairs’ Foundation, visit magicwheelchair.org.

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