Have you used the Marco Polo app yet?


Marco Polo is a free video communications app that makes it possible to have authentic, real conversations, effortlessly throughout the day even with busy schedules.

Vlada Bortnik and her husband developed the app as a way for their families to stay connected, but not on social media.

It’s popular in Utah because the app reflects how people in Utah really care for and value families.

People can choose to Polo, that’s the term used for sending video messages back and forth, at their leisure in real time.

Because it is face-to-face messaging, nothing is lost in tone like sometimes happens with a text.  And since you can do it on your own time, you can communicate when it’s convenient for you to talk and those on the receiving end can watch the Polo when it works for them.

Marco Polo is free to download on either Google Play or the Apple App store — or you can go to www.marcopolo.me.

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