Big Game Tailgate will get you ready for an epic ‘home-gating’ party


This weekend, the Patriots and Eagles are gearing up for, what could be, a nail-biter of a game. Millions of people will gather around their televisions to watch these 2 teams. If you want to get in on the action before Sunday, and prepare an epic game party, we have a show for you. Jerry Penacoli and Cyndi Edwards are giving tips, tricks and hacks in a special they are calling, the Big Game Tailgate.

Bring your appetite when you’re watching this one! It’s all about cocktails and barbecues. Because you can’t really BBQ this time of year, Jerry and Cyndi are showing us how to throw the best ‘home-gating’ party. 

The show will feature a taco bar, nacho bar, drinks and decorations. The whole 9 yards. Danny Flores from ‘MasterChef,’ will be making 2 sandwiches. One from Philly, and one from New England. The one from Philly, by the way, is not a cheese steak. Ray Lampe, Dr. BBQ from the Food Network, will also make a giant snack stadium filled with all kinds of treats. Finally, Celebrity Party Planner Jamie O’Donnell will have all kinds of tips to make your party special. She’ll show you how to decorate on a dime. 

Jerry and Cyndi will stop by the famous Mayonnaise Steakhouse in Minneapolis. It’ll be tough to get a table during the big game, so they will take you there to get an “experiential story.” 

Catch the Big Game Tailgate on ABC4 on Saturday at 9 pm. It will follow the NBA game between Houston and Cleveland. 

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