Mexican woman who refused to do her husband’s laundry arrested

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – You may not believe this, but a Mexican woman who refused to do her husband’s laundry  was recently arrested. He complained and she went to jail. 

ABC 4 Utah found this story all over the internet on Monday. It’s simple and bizarre as it may seem. The woman in Mexico was arrested and taken to jail because she wouldn’t do her husband’s laundry. He came home from work, and wanted some fresh clothes to go out with his friends. She thought he was going to see his mistress, so she refused to do it. The husband called police, and they cited her for some type of domestic disturbance. She couldn’t pay the $25 dollar fine, the husband refused to pay, so police took her to jail. She was sentenced to 12 hours behind bars.

ABC 4 Utah wanted to see what people in Utah thought about this story. Here’s a couple of the reponses we got:

“That’s crap, but that’s real,” said Shae Johnson.

“It’s still by no means is that right on any level,” said Alex Mecham.

“It’s pretty silly, it’s crazy that there’s still laws on the books like that in some places,” said Connor Lawrence.

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