Mesquite police rally around Southern Utah teen battling cancer


MESQUITE, Nev. (ABC4 News) – One Southern Nevada Police Department is rallying around a Southern Utah teenager battling a deadly illness.

The Mesquite Police Department rules are clear but come November, some officers here won’t be needing a razor. Good-bye Gillette, so-long Schick.

Mesquite police are rebelling against their own department’s rules.

“Mesquite Police Department has a very strict policy reference our grooming, and our officers have only had mustaches,” said Captain MaQuad Chesley with Mesquite Police Department

That means no beards allowed…except for November and only for a really good cause.

“For a family with local roots who have a young daughter that, her name’s Olivia Stuart and she was diagnosed with leukemia. So, we’re raising funds to help her and her family out,” said Chelsey.

It’s called no shave November. Here’s how it works. An officer raises at least 100 bucks for Olivia’s family.  They get to keep the beard all next month.  And there’s an added incentive says, Captain Chelsey.

“Our chief has actually upped the ante and challenged the officers to raise more than $100 and if they raise more than chief can raise, they can keep their beards for the rest of 2018,” said Chelsey.

Olivia is from St. George. Her leukemia, said to be very aggressive, as is the treatment she’s getting at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. Her father Rod is grateful.

“You look behind you and you have this whole army of people that are…just want to help you. And it’s really special,” said Rod.

And as for how Olivia’s doing.  Her parents say she’s staying positive, especially since she has a lot to face. Her mom Katie is hanging in there too.

“You cry a lot and then she’s like mom, why are you crying again. So, she’s way stronger than me, that’s for sure,” said Katie. 

So, in order for officers to ditch the razor for the month of November, they have to come up with some money. If you’d like to donate, stop by the police department in Mesquite, Nevada.

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