MURRAY CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – A Murray woman says she’s been the target of racial attacks these last six months. The vandals spray painting hateful messages on her fence, even going as far as taking a Sharpie to her car and leaving hate-filled notes.

Madalyn Peterson tells ABC4 News, “Mentally, it’s been draining.”

In July and August, she says she had her tires slashed.

“October 18 is when I got, when they wrote on my car in sharpie, and they left that first note,” she says.

First note left on victims property

That note stating in part, “All Lives Matter” and “I don even know how u afford to live here,” adding “Keep the banner down & I will stop.”

On Nov. 5, she says she woke up to, “Trump 2020” spray-painted on her fence along with other expletives.

Trump 2020 spray painted on fence of victim

“I guess the first note didn’t bother me but the second time when they vandalized my gate, I guess that’s the time it really bothered me because I felt like they were labeling me,” said Peterson.

Murray City Police aided in putting cameras up and put out extra patrols in the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Watch Sign at Three Fountains

“I could see on my camera, they’ll come by and like shine their spotlight, and before I got my cameras they would park in the condo next door, and just sit out there when there weren’t any calls, so I feel like they care,” she says.

The efforts didn’t stop the note left Thursday night. The suspect, this time was caught on camera.

Second note left on victims property

That note stated in part, “Just because you got cameras you think ur no longer ghetto. Your community nor I want you here. I am always watching. “

” I guess maybe I’m not processing it or whatever, because it seems like it may be just like an ongoing thing so,” Peterson says. “I wish you could say, oh just accept each other and not be racist or be like, have those stereotypes in their head but I know it’s not that simple or that easy.”

District 3 Councilwoman Rosalba Dominguez says the City as a whole is doing everything they can to prevent the attacks.

Three Fountains

“You have a place in your community that you live in and that is for everyone,” says the councilwoman. “Even those who don’t understand who people of color are, they have a place too, and they have a place in our hearts as well in our community.”

Murray City Police is investigating these crimes at Three Fountains. If you know about the incidents or who is responsible, please give them a call at 801.264.2673.

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