(ABC4) – While a ruling has been passed that voids the national mask mandate covering for airlines and public transportation, not all airports and airlines are making masks optional just yet.

Airlines such as Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, JetBlue, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines all announced mask-optional policies on domestic flights. As for international flights there were mixed reports.

Air France and German airline Lufthansa reported that masks will still be required on their flights. United and Delta stated that optional mask mandates may not apply to most international flights.

Those landing in New York will still have to wear a mask inside those airports and on public transportation according to the New York State Department of Health.

San Francisco airport stated that it “will continue to comply with the current TSA security directive on masks until we hear otherwise from TSA.”

Philadelphia Airport released a similar statement saying, “In accordance with the governors indoor mask requirements, masks must be worn inside Philadelphia airports terminals.”

Mask mandates have been lifted for most public transportation. Subways and transit systems in New York and Chicago though are still requiring masks.

Rules are different in each state and city so make sure to always check mandates in your destination you are traveling to.