SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star, Mary Cosby, has been exposed after denying claims that she was leaving the show after Season 2. 

A Page Six article revealed that Cosby “became the laughing stock of Salt Lake City” after calling a previous Page Six article that emphasized her upcoming absence from the show “a complete fabrication” and “a complete lie” in a Twitter post

In an interview with Page Six, a source disclosed, “Mary looks like a fool… It’s really puzzling that Mary would even try to shut it down on Twitter… Doesn’t she realize the news was going to come out anyway once Season 3 premiered and she was nowhere to be found? She hasn’t filmed anything, and the cast was told weeks ago that she won’t be.” 

Despite her making waves on the show, Cosby’s unfiltered personality got her into a few controversies with castmates. 

Page Six revealed that Cosby was caught making numerous racist comments during Season 2 of RHOSLC, comparing her co-star Jen Shaw to a “Mexican thug”, and making a comment about fellow cast member Jennie Nguyen’s “slanted eyes.” 

According to Page Six, Cosby has additionally been accused of running a religious cult out of her Pentecostal church, which she has denied.  

Cosby chose to opt out of the show’s Season 2 reunion, which the same source told Page Six “was the kiss of death for Mary.”