OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – Almost a year and a half later, 38-year-old Cedric Broadnax has pleaded guilty but mentally ill to first-degree felony attempted murder. 

ABC4 covered Broadnax’s original arrest in Sept. of 2020 when he was charged for firing several shots at an occupied car in Ogden City, leaving one man in critical condition. 

Following his arrest, Broadnax was booked into the Weber County Jail.   

The outcome of a plea deal reached last month allowed Broadnax to plead guilty to the attempted murder charge in return for the retraction of five second-degree felony counts of illegal discharge of a firearm and one third-degree felony count of use of a firearm by a restricted person. 

Currently, Broadnax’s sentencing is set to take place on Feb. 1. 

The victim of Broadnax’s gunshots submitted a letter to the court explaining the impact the event had on himself and his family, with hopes of impacting the sentencing decision. 

The man was shot twice in the face and once in his right forearm. 

“Two .40-caliber bullets were removed from my brain,” he wrote. “I have two metal plates and titanium mesh that holds my skull together.” 

The victim explained how he suffered vision and hearing loss as a result of the injuries, and has been working on relearning how to communicate and use motor skills. 

The man’s family is suffering, as well. He spoke of his children, saying, “They think they are going to be shot in the nighttime.” 

The state of Utah often has those who plead guilty but mentally ill receive mental health treatment at the Utah State Hospital before serving a prison sentence. The court’s decision to treat Broadnax will most likely be announced on Feb. 1 as well.