Man on parole arrested for sexual abuse of two young kids at birthday party


MOAB, Utah (News4Utah) A Moab man currently on parole was charged Friday with two counts of sex abuse of a child for an incident that police say occurred at a birthday party over Memorial weekend. 

According to charging documents Kenneth Sherman, 59, was at a birthday party when a woman noticed one of the children at the party, a 5-year-old girl, was very upset. The girl’s mother said she could not get the girl to settle down so she took her and the girl’s 7-year-old brother home. 

At home, the girl told her mom that Sherman had touched her and kissed her and that he had touched her brother in his privates while he was sleeping. The mother then called the same witness at the party to advise her of what had happened. The owner of the home confronted Sherman and the witness told police an altercation broke out and police were called. 

Police said several witnesses told them Sherman was visibly intoxicated and one witness had seen him in the room with the two children and when they walked in he got up suddenly and acted strangely. 

Sherman was arrested after police conducted an interview with witnesses and the young girl. The young boy told police he was asleep and does not remember anything. 

During his interview with police, Sherman told them the witness had “instructed” the girl to make up the allegations and he didn’t know what they were talking about. He refused to speak with police further and requested an attorney. 

Sherman is currently on parole for a felony DUI conviction involving a 2-year-old unrelated female who was with him. Charging document state Sherman was also accused of kidnapping the girl, but because of “complications in the case and the lack of a disclosure of sexual abuse by the child”, that portion of the charges was dropped.

Sherman was booked into the Grand County Jail on two charges of 2nd degree felony sex abuse of a child.

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