Man Killed in Layton Shooting


LAYTON, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Police said they have a 19-year-old being questioned about the murder of a 24-year-old man Taylor Vancamp.

“The 19-year-old that we contacted when we arrived has been confirmed to be the shooter,” said Sgt. Clint Bobrowski with Layton police.   “He is being cooperative and is with law enforcement.

Police said the 19-year-old and Vancamp both rented from the house near 1350 East and 275 North in Layton.

But police are not calling the 19-year-old a suspect.

“The reason for that is we’re trying to determine exactly why and how this took place,” said Sgt. Bobrowski. “So we don’t want to jump the gun.”

At around 7:30 Monday morning police received a 911-call from the person living in the basement.

“He heard rapid gunfire,” said Sgt. Bobrowski.

When police arrived they entered the home and found the 24-year old dead in the bedroom.  Police also found multiple weapons in the home.   Police said three people were also in the home and taken to the police department for questioning.

“They are cooperating,” said Sgt. Bobrowski.

He said no one else is involved in the shooting.

Monday afternoon, Laura Whitaker arrived at the home and said her daughter was one of those renters taken to police for questioning.  She also knew the other three renters.,” said Whitaker.  “I never seen any arguments among them.  They got along quite well.”

Whitaker came to the home to retrieve a pet who was still in the home.  At that time she didn’t know what happened because her daughter was still being questioned by police.  And police had yet released the name of Taylor Vancamp.

“Oh it breaks my heart because I know somebody is dead and it might be one of the kids I know that I talk to in this home and they was just like my kids,” she said.

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