KEARNS, Utah (ABC4) – A man is being investigated by Unified Police after they received reports from people who were pulled over in the Kearns area.

On Aug. 11, a man driving a black Dodge Charger with flashing lights in the grill pulled a woman over near 5600 West and 4700 South. The man was wearing a police uniform that had a patch on it with no city and no name tag according to Unified Police Sgt Melody Cutler.

The man took the woman’s driver’s license and ask her to step out of the car, but she refused. When she asked him for his badge number and the name of a supervisor, he walked back to his car and drove away.

Police say there is no record of an officer making a traffic stop in that area around that time.

A Unified Police Officer saw that same black Dodge Charger matching the description the woman previously gave police on Oct. 16. The officer observed a push bumper on the front of the vehicle, a spotlight, and large lights on the front of the car. The license plate read “WAR1,” according to police.

In October, police received a report stating that a man matching that exact vehicle description pulled him over near 4450 W. 5700 South.

The driver told police that the Charger had followed him and then attempted to pull him over. The driver, who is a bail enforcement officer, could tell the man wasn’t in an actual police car. When the driver confronted the man, he got back into his Charger and drove away.

The Charger has been impounded and Police have not arrested or charged the man yet.

Police do believe there may have been more victims. Anyone who believes they may have been pulled over illegally by a man in a Black Charger should call police at 801-840-4000