APPLE VALLEY, Utah (ABC4) — A man managed to climb more than 200 feet up to the road after his car rolled down a steep cliff in Washington County.

On May 25 at approximately 5:20 p.m., officials responded to a vehicle that had rolled down an “extremely steep enbankment,” Washington County Sheriff’s Office reported.

According to WCSO, the man was there to assist a family member whose vehicle got stuck while attempting to drive past a boulder. The man was attempting to pull the car out, but reportedly got too close to the hillside, hit the rock, rolled on the road, and then off the cliff.

His vehicle didn’t stop rolling until approximately 200 feet from the road when it hit a tree. The vehicle allegedly hit multiple boulders, trees, and other debris, and was totaled.

It was unclear whether the man was ejected form the vehicle, or crawled out, but by the time rescuers were on scene, he had climbed back to the road, the WCSO reported.

“[It is] pretty incredible that he was able to do that,” WCSO Deputy Jacob Paul said. “Because just seeing the condition that the vehicle was in and stuff, it’s pretty amazing that he walked away from that.”

The man was transported to the hospital via ambulance, and the extent of his injuries is unknown, the WCSO stated.