PROVO, Utah (ABC4) – A man has been arrested after allegedly threatening to bomb a Provo elementary school on Thursday.

Provo Police say Robert Prina, 46, was seen entering Timpanogos Elementary School and leaving a note that read, “Maybe school shooter or maybe school bomber coming need tell all teachers may need real evacuations maybe need get to news.”

Police spotted Prina on surveillance camera footage entering the school around 3:38 p.m. wearing a long knife attached to his hip. School staff confirmed speaking with Prina while he allegedly wrote the threatening note before walking off campus.

Police were able to identify the man and arrived at his apartment to question him. When officers knocked at Prina’s front door, he refused to open up and spoke through the door instead. Police say he seemed agitated and mentioned he “did not trust the police.” 

Prina admitted to police that he had visited Timpanogos Elementary School earlier in the day.

When asked about the bomb threat, he claimed he “got the information from the Internet about the school shooting and bombing.” When police asked Prina to step outside, he threatened to shoot the officers and “blow up the apartment, saying he was a suicide bomber.” 

Authorities say Prina continued yelling about blowing up the apartment complex while counting down from 30. He was also hitting the backside of his apartment door and sounds of barricading were heard, according to police reports.

A SWAT Team was called in due to the potential bomb threat and nearby apartments were evacuated out of safety. After some time negotiating, Prina eventually exited his apartment and surrendered to authorities.

He was arrested on three charges including threats against a school, threat of terrorism and assault on a peace officer. Prina is currently boked at the Utah County Jail.

Prina has a previous run-in with the law when he was arrested for attempting to cash a fake check worth over $4,300 in April. Prina claimed he was framed by two men who told him to pose as a construction worker and cash checks on their behalf throughout various banks.