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Here’s something you might not know. Custom hats. They’re still be made, right here in Utah and these are the guys that make mine. JW Custom Hats.

JW Custom Hats were chosen to represent Utah in the 4th annual Made in America Product Showcase! #madeinamerica . ” In a tribute to American workers, Made in America highlights companies that utilize American manufacturing and ingenuity. Here’s the link for the list from all 50 states .

Recently I did an interview with a great artist by the name of Greg Newbold. He did this special line drawing for me.  You know it is in the opening of a lot of my series. Well, he lost a hat in Jordan and we’re not talking West Jordan. We’re talking the real Jordan. So I said, you know we are going to get you hooked up. So I’m hooking him up with my friend, Raymond Crane. Raymond is the owner of JW Custom Hats.

The cool thing about JW Custom Hats is that they have an easy “design your own hat” setup. Let’s take a peek as Greg designs his own custom hat with the help of Raymond.

RAYMOND – First of all, let’s get you measurements here. We have all sizes of blocks. Going just around the eyebrow muscle and above your ears.  I’ll go ahead and measure you from the top of your head to the top of your ear to make sure that the hat is not going to rub on the top of your head.

Now you get the fun part of choosing which crown that you like. 

GREG – You’ve got a lot of choices.

RAYMOND – The first principle I go with for choosing a good custom crown. I choose something that matches or mirror images your jawline. That way it will look symmetrical and look natural.

GREG: I kind of like something that comes to a nice finger hold. Maybe something a little bit like this.

RAYMOND – Next you get to choose your brim.

GREG – I want it to shade my face and my neck. When I go outdoors painting. I just want to feel shaded.

RAYMOND – This has a nice drop to it in the front and back and a slight curl. Is this more what you were looking for? GREG – Yeh. RAYMOND – Want to try that on and confirm that. GREG- Yeh – a little curl but a drop like that.

RAYMOND – Next you get to choose any of these colors that we have up here.

GREG – Something like this.

RAYMOND – Sand is a great color. GREG – I like that color.

RAYMOND  – So I have all of these ribbons that offer now. We also have leather bands. And we also have all our antique ribbons. These antique ribbons date back to the 1920’s. 

GREG- I think these look cool. What if we layered a couple of these up.

RAYMOND Oh nice. Do you have any pins you want to bring in like Doug. Doug loves to bring in his vintage pins.

GREG – Doug told me that we likes to do that. This is the logo symbol of one my favorite artists, Maynard Dixon. Stick a little feather in the top there. I think that will be dynamite.

RAYMOND – We are going to give you all that fun and make it for yourself. GREG- I’m a rookie. 

DOUG – How’s he treating ya? GREG- Awesome – RAYMOND laughs.


RAYMOND We’re going to go ahead and get this all steamed up and that will help expand the felt and then we can stretch it over the block. You’re going to just pull that right down over the block. What we are trying to do is shrink down the crown and just moving those fibers back into each other


RAYMOND What you’re going to do is put your hand on it and sand it on the top. You’re going to go down and the back up.

GREG – So you start on the top.

RAYMOND You’re going to be on the left side when you come down. We actually want it to feel like velvet afterwards. That really helps it to shine and feel like a million bucks when you wear it.


RAYMOND – it’s ironing out the crown.

GREG – I can’t screw this up right? RAYMOND – MMM.   (laughter)


RAYMOND – It’s knowing where to put the pressure. At the very end it should be all even.


RAYMOND You’re making a crease This part is where you actually start creasing in your two dimples right here. 


With another hidden gem on Jessop’s Journeys, with Raymond from JW Custom Hats and my buddy, Greg Newold, I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News.

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