Make Your Bed in a Zip With Beddys

WEST JORDAN, Utah (Good4Utah) – If you hate to make your bed, a Made4Utah company has solved the problem.
Mom’s totally understand, it can be quite the task to get kids to make their beds.
Betsy Mikesell explained, “Getting them to make their bunk beds was impossible, you can’t make a bunk bed!”
This Utah mom had an idea to get rid of the “traditional” and make it easier, to make the bed.
Once Betsy had the idea, she got to work.  Betsy explained, “I went over to my mom’s and we made the first prototype.”
The idea was simple: just zip the sheet and simplify a usually tedious task.
Betsy knew her creation could be something, but needed some help and recruited her friend Angie.
Angie White said, “She approached me and said, let’s just try this.  It will be a hobby.  But it turned out to be a little more than that.”
After countless hours of work, Angie and Betsy perfected their bed covering and called it: Beddys.
The next step was raising the funds to get it mass produced.  That is where Kickstarter and ABC4Utah’s own Good Things Utah came to help.
Betsy said, “We went on Good Things Utah and told about the product and explained how it worked.  When we came home, our Kickstarter campaign went nuts!”
The Kickstarter campaign really kicked into gear and they were funded and ready to get things going.
Angie explained, “We didn’t give ourselves any other option.  We had to do it.”
And they did it.
Fast forward two years and Beddys is selling internationally and can fit any bed.  It’s not just the kids who are benefiting from Beddys.
The team just moved into their new corporate offices and distribution center in West Jordan and continue to spread the message:  Making the bed can be easy.
You put on the Beddys like a fitted sheet and then a zipper does the work.
Betsy explained, You get those four corners on and it’s done.  It’s made.”
This Made4Utah company says the sky is the limit as they continue to spread their message and product everywhere.  They are the first to admit that they are leaning as they go, but that makes this success story even better.
Angie said, “We are moms selling to moms.”
Two Utah moms, making a difference one bed at a time.
For more information visit their website.

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