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Major changes in the FLDS community of Hildale


ST. GEORGE (ABC4 Utah) – Hildale, known for its Polygamous roots, will soon have its first female, and first non-FLDS mayor.

Mayor-elect Donia Jessop speak  at Dixie State  and talks about the sweeping changes happening in the FLDS community.

“It’s been being run by Warren Jeffs for the last 15 years.  So to come out under his dictatorship, and make our own decisions, make the best decisions for the people living there, not the best decisions for Warren Jeffs, is one of the most important steps,” said Jessop. 

Jessop spoke to students and community members at  Dixie State University Thursday, along with newly elected City Council members about Hildale’s changing government.

“We need fiber optics. People are so sick of the internet being slow. Roads. We need roads. We need clean water,” said Jessop. 

This was the first election season in the town once run by Warren Jeffs and the FLDS church that included campaign posters and people running who were not FLDS. Its results were also a first. 

“History has been made. Things will never be the same,” said Jared Nicols, City Councilman-elect. 

 Nicol is a Mormon father from Salt Lake City who decided with his wife to move to Hildale to raise their four children

“We’ve been there two and a half years and we’ve seen things move forward and blossom that will just be impossible to extinguish,” said Nicol

Nicol is the first elected official in the town without any FLDS roots and decided to run when he realized he didn’t have a voice at City Council meetings. 

“It’s a government Of the People, For the people, and By the People, and that wasn’t happening in Hildale. And so the more I talked with people  I realized they wanted that change, they wanted to feel that part we feel as Americans,” said Nicol. 

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