OREM, Utah (ABC4 News) – Autumn Spencer, owner of Seasons Salon and Day Spa, has never imagined a time like this in her career but amid the coronavirus outbreak she has found new and innovative ways to stay financially afloat and still serve her loyal customers.

“I was trying to be as innovative as I could, I had a bunch of clients complain about their roots on social media or they would text me and say ‘I can’t stand my roots’,” says Spencer. “I think a lot of this industry is beauty and vain but I feel that there is also a lot to do with mental health and self-love and making yourself feel better from the outside in.”

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So, in an effort to keep cash flowing into her business and still allow clients to feel beautiful, Spencer came up with creative ways to bring spa services into homes. After talking with a client that needed a simple root touch-up, Spencer mixed up the hair color for her client, the client came and picked it up and Spencer then FaceTimed the client to teach her how to do the hair color herself from home.

“My reaction (to the coronavirus) was what can we do to keep cash flow? I was just trying to be innovative and was still reaching out to our guests to get some sort of sales through gift card promotions and product promotions,” says the Orem salon owner. “But what could we offer the guests to do at home? Like if they are going to purchase a box color, could they purchase a color from us? So we did do-it-yourself color kits.”

Do it yourself root kits at Seasons Salon and Day Spa

Spencer says that in the 14 years of owning the salon, what keeps her going is seeing how happy and confident clients get when they like the way they look, and especially during this time.

“(I love) the little things of helping the people that truly need it for themselves (feel good)…People are sitting at home and staring at their roots and are depressed that their life is changing but they are also upset they look the way they do,” says Spencer.

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Because of Spencer’s love for her clients and the beauty industry along with her motivation to keep her business going, she has come up with other ways to bring the spa into people’s homes.

“I came up with an idea and I made a date-night facial kit. So I had the protocol on how to do a facial at home and how to warm the towels and how to apply it and I had a kit with all the products and had all the steps that they can do the facial in,” she says. “It wasn’t your full experience but I tried to make it something that they could do at home.”

While Spencer has seen highs and lows as a small business owner, she says she has never seen her business go financially backwards until now saying, “In 14 years I have only gone forwards so that was the biggest thing, going from your super high to nothing…I have never had that. I have never imagined that.”

But despite all the financial and mental hurt small business owners are going through at this time, there have been some silver-linings in all of this for Spencer. She applied for the Paycheck Protection Program loan and received that and has also been blessed with generous clients.

“That has literally been the most amazing thing.” Spencer says of her clients. “We have had clients call in to cancel their appointment but will still want to pay for it. We have had people get their service but then tip 120 percent on the service. The generosity of our loyal customers, it’s the tender mercies that come from those people that have really gotten us through and have given me the strength to keep fighting.”

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