SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Social distancing means we are missing out on countless “normal” activities, including the gym. The distance doesn’t mean you miss out on your class, instructors are bringing the gym virtually to your home.

When you think of group fitness you think of a room full of people, energy and plenty of sweat!
Emily Nelson created and now operates High Fitness. They have thousands of instructors in North America leading groups of people in aerobics. She knows first hand how important group fitness can be.

Nelson said, “There is nothing quite like group fitness.”With everything different right now, this had to change too.

Thanks to technology and some creativity, group fitness lives on.

Nelson’s High Fitness has always been about the energy of a group. Right now the group isn’t together, but they are individually moving.

Nelson said, “Our participants still move their body and feel normal for a minute. They get those endorphins and that’s what we really need right now.”

Our normal now means watching your favorite instructors on your phone or computer and working out at home.

As gyms closed across the state, instructors quickly learned how to make it work. They virtually stream classes using YouTube, Zoom or Instagram Live.

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Marci Bradley teaches and trains clients at Xcel Fitness in Holladay. She explained, “We started filming our classes at the gym while the gym was still open. That allowed members to come to those classes, but still catering to the people at home.”

When the gym officially closed as Salt Lake County issued their Stay at Home order, she moved her classes to her home.

Bradley said, “We are really lucky we have technology that we are able to bring all of these great classes to everyone at home,  it is unbelievable.” 

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Bradley continues to work with the clients she used to see nearly daily, she just sees them from a different angle.

Bradley added her goal in all of this is to “Brighten somebody’s day and help the to work hard and obtain their goals from home.”

Group Fitness continues to work on the same goals, just in a different setting for now.

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