WEST JORDAN (ABC4 News) Stay safe, Stay at home! Most of us are trying to do just that. But, what happens if something goes wrong? On top of the coronavirus, Utah has been through a pretty big earthquake. A little maintenance work or inspections could be needed.

Barlow Service Experts agreed to let ABC4 film a service call, to show how they are trying to help keep their customers safe and their workers.

Read about Barlow’s new Phone Interaction Only Service

It runs the gamut from staging workers and their needed supply pickups, to several degrees of coordination with the homeowners. Including how you can help make everything go a bit easier once they get to your home. Plus, with the earthquake see what you want checked out in your furnace room!

Remember keep your distance, and if you feel anything it does not hurt to wear a mask, you’re helping to keep everyone safe just in case!

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