Mail-In Ballots Begin to Roll In


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – With 19 days left until the election Utahns are already turning in their ballots but it’s still not at the rate election officials would like to see.

According to the Salt Lake County’s Clerk’s Office, they have received 59,403 mail-in ballots — 12.3% of the total mail-in ballots that they have sent out.  Since last night’s debate the Lt. Governor’s Office says they’ve seen more interest in getting those ballots in. 

“We actually see a correlation of when debates happen and people showing up to vote.  Online there’s a visible spike every time.  Everyone knows the election is going on, you’d have to be under a rock to not know and people are getting involved and getting registered and getting out there to vote,” said Deputy Director of Elections Justin Lee. 

Lee says as the election gets closer they’re also seeing more and more people registering to vote.

“We’ve got two weeks left up to November 1st where someone can register to vote either online or in person and we’re seeing thousands of registrations come in everyday,” added Lee.  

However, the system is still not without its problems.  According to the Utah Democratic Party Chair, Peter Corroon, he says he has heard from people who have said they have yet to receive their mail-in ballots.

“We’re finding a lot of people haven’t received them especially in Salt Lake County and we need to make sure they received them,” he said.

“No system is perfect,” responded Lee. “But contact your county, contact the Lt. Governor’s Office and we’ll make sure that a new one is sent out.  Every voter will have a chance to have their ballot counted.” 

Corroon says they have seen an increase in the enthusiasm for the Democratic Party in Utah and says they have seen more people come in to their offices asking how they can get involved, asking for yard signs to put up in their homes.  The increased enthusiasm, he says is due to the possibility that Utah could turn blue for the first time in over 50 years.  

“They’re wanting to get involved after the last debates, getting bumper stickers, lawn signs, they realize how important this election is,” said Corroon.

Local Democrats say it’s their job to make sure people get out to vote and are keeping track of those who haven’t voted to remind them to cast their votes.  Even more so for the down ballot races.

“All those effect peoples lives more than the presidential so its important for people getting out and voting for those down ballot tickets,” says Corroon.

Lee adds that in order for your mail-in ballot to be counted it must be postmarked by November 7th  – the day before the election, otherwise you risk the possibility that your ballot wont be counted.  But, for all those who miss the deadline you can always drop off your ballot at any polling location or Lt. Governor’s Office.

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