Magna man indicted after store sells him assault rifle, even after he failed background check


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – A Utah man has been federally indicted after he lied on his application to obtain a gun and was sold an assault rifle, even after he had failed a background check.

According to the indictment, James Albert King, 71, of Magna, went to a Sportsman’s Warehouse in Midvale on December 6, 2019, and selected a Springfield Armory Saint semi-automatic pistol. During the application process, agents said he lied when it asked if he was the subject of a protective order.

King’s background check indicated he was prohibited, and the purchase should have been denied. However, the employee at Sportsman’s Warehouse missed the denial indicator, and King was allowed to purchase the firearm.

A short time later, Sportsman’s Warehouse realized the purchase should have been denied and a manager made several calls to King for a week until he was able to speak with him on December 13.

The manager requested King bring the firearm back to the store, but he said he could not return the firearm because it had been stolen out of his vehicle, according to documents.

When asked if he filed a police report, he said he had not but then later filed one with West Valley City Police Department over the phone. King provided the description and serial number for the firearm, claiming it had been taken out of his vehicle at a Wal-Mart parking lot on December 11, documents state.

King has been charged in federal court with giving a false statement during acquisition of a firearm. A background check on King shows a prior conviction for abuse of a vulnerable adult and intoxication IN 2018 and was serviced with a protective order in 2017.

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