SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC4) — A Magna man was arrested on a warrant Thursday, April 20, in connection to the alleged kidnapping and assault of two homeless people in May 2020.

Jaleel Alexander Scott, 26, was charged in 2020 with two counts of aggravated kidnapping, first-degree felonies, and one count of aggravated assault, a third-degree felony. Scott was reportedly the latest person to be arrested for the alleged kidnapping and assault.

On March 10, 2020, Tausaafia Kayla Fitisemanu, 25, and Tymel Devonne Hicks, 27, were with two homeless friends helping them fix their van. While at the junkyard, a gun reportedly went missing in Fitisemanu’s and Hicks’ vehicle. The couple accused the homeless man and woman of stealing the gun and allegedly kidnapped them.

While inside, the couple allegedly began beating the victims in front of the couple’s children. One of the victims said Hicks hit them repeatedly with a shotgun, allegedly trying to knock her out. The female victim said Fitisemanu also allegedly hit and strangled her, and that she pinched her children to make them cry in order to drown out her screams.

At some point, Scott, Malcom Renee Baker, 32, and one other unidentified male arrived at the apartment. Scott and Baker allegedly participated in the assault. The female victim said Scott was holding a sword and hit her several times. The victims were reportedly forced into a bathtub, with their arms duct-taped behind them, partially unclothed, and forced to drink gasoline. The female victim said she lost consciousness multiple times during the assaults.

Later in the evening, the female victim said she was allowed to leave the apartment, but Hicks told her he had her phone and knew where her family lived. He also allegedly said his gun had “other bodies on it.” The female victim stopped at a house to ask for help, and this is when the police were notified.

When the officers arrived, they said they could smell the strong odor of gasoline. At the time they removed Hicks, Fitisemanu, and two children from the apartment. Salt Lake Police Forensic Investigator Gruis said she observed multiple apparent blood spots throughout the apartment, as well as several latex gloves. She also noted duct tape that had hair and blood on it and some female clothing that was reportedly soaked in gasoline.

After the incident, Hicks and Fitisemanu were arrested and charged in 2020, and sentenced in Sept. 2021 to up to fifteen years in prison. Baker was identified by one of the victims, and sentenced in Sept. 2021 to up to 5 years in prison.

Scott was identified in a police lineup and charged in May 2020 but was not arrested until April 20. Scott will face his charges in the 3rd District Court.

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