Made 4 Utah: Cancer Spot connects people impacted by cancer

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PROVO, Utah (Good4Utah) – Three BYU students have developed what they feel is the ultimate support system for people impacted by cancer.  Cancer Spot is a social network where you are connected by what could be your life’s greatest challenge.

When it comes to the reality of cancer, nobody is prepared for the road ahead.

Rowan Jones said, “You don’t know what it is like, until you get it.”

Rowan knows this first hand. As a little boy he was diagnosed with cancer. It came back again as a young man. Now, a BYU student and cancer free for six years; Rowan wants to help others in a situation like his get the support he didn’t even know he was missing.

Rowans explained, “I realize that some of the things I kept in really impacted me later on. I’ve found it’s the same thing for other survivors or fighters, we feel it seems crazy to feel what we are feeling. But if you find someone with the same cancer as you, you can talk and really understand what the other is going through.”

Rowan has now helped to create a website and App providing a forum for people dealing with cancer to meet up with each other and help each other.

Rowan said, “The goal is to connect everyone in the world affected by cancer. It connects fighters, supporters and survivors of cancer.”

Rowan and three of his friends have founded Spot Tech, the company behind thee new Cancer Spot.

Alex Brown, Spot Tech CMO, said, “It has been super motivating and it has been easy for us to see the power and the role of support in play. Rowan has been blessed with a good attitude, but you could tell it was tough for him to always open up to us.

The young men feel this new company is not only a good opportunity, but necessary to make a difference.

Spencer Wise, Spot Tech CPO, said, “We are also interested in helping the most amount of people possible. We feel that Cancer Spot and what we are working on right now is the best way to spend our time.”

The young men behind Cancer Spot are on their way to London this summer for the very exclusive mentoring program Tech Stars. We will keep you posted as they continue to develop and grab more exposure for Cancer Spot.

We’ve posted the entire interview with Rowan and his friends above. 

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