Lottery hopefuls face high taxes and nearly impossible odds


LITTLFIELD, Ariz. (News4Utah) – Do you want to be an instant billionaire? At the Beaver Dam Lodge in Littlefield, Ariz., many folks are saying yes, and many of them are from Utah. 

But no matter what the signs say, if you hit Tuesday’s big Mega Millions jackpot, you’re not getting the over $1-billion up for grabs.

That doesn’t bother Howie Fuchs from St. George.

 “I’m like a hundred-aire, I’d rather be a thousand-aire, maybe a ten-thousand aire, so I know you win a billion you don’t even get close to that,” said Fuchs.

Utah says, if you’re a resident, they’ll take 5-percent. If you play in Arizona, they might get a cut, and we aren’t even talking about Uncle Sam.

Still dollar signs are dancing in front of many in line. 

Kendall Mattern lives in Ivins. If he wins, he’s taking the annuity.

“Makes more sense for investment, uh rather than taking the total cash. And I’ve read a couple of articles that recommend you take the annuity, not the cash,” said Mattern.

The price of admission, $2 per line. Many were spending much more than that.

And as for the question what to do with the money if you win, Fuchs has some ideas.

“Pay off all the bills, and then we’re going in for some lipo. A little neck lift, eye, cheeks…hair restoration. You know, things like that.” 

Taxes or the cost of ticket aside, chances of you hitting the billion dollars… they’re said to be astronomical. The drawing is set for Tuesday, October 23 at 9:00 p.m.

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