Looking at the Utah Gubernatorial Election


We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the 2016 Presidential Race but now let’s take a turn to the 2016 Utah Gubernatorial Race. With state party conventions less than a week away the race is heating up with 21% of favoring Democrat Mike Weinholtz, 13% want Vaughn Cook, and another 68% still aren’t sure. On the Republican side a 58% majority favor the incumbent Governor Gary Herbert, 20% want Jonathan Johnson to be the new governor, and 22% of are still undecided. I sat down with former GOP Officer Michelle Mumford for the Republican perspective and Salt Lake City Democrat Representative Joel Briscoe to talk about the Gubernatorial Race.

Rep. Briscoe gave us a brief summary of the two Democratic candidates Vaughn Cook and Mike Weinholtz. He pointed out that both Democratic candidates are successful businessmen with medical backgrounds. Mumford said one of the biggest challenges for all of the candidates challenging Gov. Gary Herbert is people just don’t know them. Gov. Herbert is well known across the state as the incumbent candidate but Johnson, Cook, and Weinholtz are relatively new to the political spotlight.

Mumford said one of Gov. Herbert’s major campaign focuses is “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” She said he’s trying to apply this to his time as governor. She said Jonathan Johnson is a successful businessman as Chairman of the Board at Overstock.com and she said he’s got deep ties to Utah. 

Mumford said one of the focuses for Johnson is term limits. She said he’s trying to use Gov. Herbert’s incumbency to his advantage. 

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