SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) A big example of Community Over Crisis: A local religious group is helping out the sheriff’s office by donating 600 handmade masks to help combat the pandemic.

The World Mission Society Church of God, University Student Volunteer group or ASEZ (Save the Earth from A to Z) is the organization that made it happen.

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ASEZ provided a major boost with the number of masks collected. The reason they did it? According to a press release sent to ABC4 News, ASEZ members believe the safety of the police force and citizens-including incarcerated ones is of the utmost importance.

They say they are practicing the Christian principle of loving our neighbors as ourselves.

The project took volunteers two weeks while many tried to work and do school at the same time. The volunteers provided over 500 hours of labor.

The donation was accepted and the sheriff’s office posted it on its Facebook page.

The post on the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page reads, “This afternoon, ASEZ SLC graciously donated 600 handmade cloth masks to the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office. The donation from ASEZ SLC helped support the Sheriff’s Office goal to provide enough cloth masks for each incarcerated person.”

Sheriff Rosie Rivera said, “I was really excited. We can use the help to get as many masks as possible. Our goal is to make sure all our employees have a mask and then also have all our inmates, who reside at our jail, have a mask. This will help a lot. These masks may save a life and I just want all the volunteers that put together these masks know that if we do save a life, you played a big part in that by helping sew, by keeping people wearing a mask and encouraging. And the masks looks great. Thank you so much. We very much appreciate it.”

Chief Matt Dumont said, “It felt incredibly great having our people in the community reaching into the jail to try and help us and supporting us in preventing and slowing down the spread of this horrible disease. It’s very important.”

The Salt Lake County Jail is trying to obtain 3,000 cloth face masks to ensure each prisoner in the Oxbow and Metro jails have access to two washable masks each. This will allow inmates to alternate daily with a fresh mask.

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