Zion National Park prepares for Memorial Day crowds

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ZION NATIONAL PARK, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Visitors to Zion National Park have been increasing drastically at year and 2017 is no exception. Park Officials are working hard to manage the crowds.

Visitors are Zion National Park could hit record numbers on Memorial Day.

“We couldn’t be more excited that we choose to come here,” said Dan Curran, who has come all the way from Boston to visit the park with his fiancee.

“The past few days it was busy, but it was manageable, but we woke up this morning and the crowds were insane,” said Curran.

2016’s Memorial Day weekend at Zion hit historic numbers with more than 70,000 visitors. That Saturday there were 29,000 visitors. Park Officials say it was overwhelming, so this year they’ve prepared.

“If you have small children and things like that, don’t be afraid about keeping them busy in line, we’ll be around trying to help you out too,”said Lauren Carmona, a Ranger at Zion National Park.

“They  just opened The Narrows today, so the combination of the holiday and The Narrows being opened, the crowds are huge,” said Curran.

Park Rangers say the shuttle will be moving faster, and the Visitor Center open longer. With the crowds they hope everyone will practice safety.

“Just remember to be safe. be thinking about those cliff edges you’re going to be hanging around, think about: is this selfie in the best spot?” said Carmona.

“We’d love to come back. We’re actually going to take notes on the campsite that we found, because it had some amazing views of the park,  so we’ll definitely be back,” said Curran.

Campgrounds are full. Some hotels in the area say they’re completely booked, while others do have vacancy signs up.

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