DEER VALLEY, Utah (ABC4) – Famed Hollywood actor and host of America’s Got Talent, Terry Crews, had his heart warmed with an impromptu drawing from a young fan while visiting Deer Valley in Utah.

According to a post on Crews’ Facebook page, Crews and his family sat down in a restaurant here in Utah after snowmobiling in Deer Valley. Soon after, a mother and her two girls approached the Crews’ table and told him that as soon as her oldest Belle saw him enter the restaurant, she immediately got to work drawing.

Belle, who is six years old, drew a picture of Terry Crews, next to the letters “AGT!” and a little orange heart. Belle signed the picture “From Belle.”

“This touches my heart so much,” Crews wrote in his post. “She was so shy, but was courageous enough to come over to give me this beautiful picture of me personally and to tell me she loved me and the show.”

Crews ended his post by praising Belle for being a wonderful artist and noting that “sometimes a drawing is the best way to show appreciation.

“I love you for creating it and thank you for being so brave to come over and give it to me,” wrote Crews. “You show me why my job is so important and you are my most valuable audience. God bless you and your family!”

You can see Belle’s artwork by visiting Crew’s Facebook page.