SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) — A young local artist with autism named Matty Brown is making a difference this month by sharing three of his drawn designs to be featured on Paper Clouds Apparel, which will be sold to support Utah non-profit Camp K.

Camp K, also known as the Kostopulos Dream Foundation, was established in 1967 offering recreational opportunities to people of all ages and abilities, including those with special medical needs. The organization includes a variety of year-round programs, activities, and recreation featuring a ropes course, horse riding, swimming, fishing, and summer camps.

This campaign will allow visitors to purchase apparel with these designs from Feb. 16 to Feb. 26, 2023, to benefit the non-profit.

Matthew “Matty” Brown, 14, currently lives in Sandy and has a strong passion for drawing and helping others. He was diagnosed with ASD at the age of two, but those who know him say this “awesomeism” makes him absolutely perfect.

When he’s not drawing, Matty spends his free time during the week attending programs with Camp K. His favorite experience from day one has been the equestrian program, with which he’s built a close bond with Buster, one of the smaller horses in the stables.

Since he started drawing during the pandemic in 2019, Matty has created over 400 original drawings inspired by the world around him. Now, he’s sharing his art with the world in the hopes of raising money for others to participate at Camp K as he has.

According to his artist profile, Matty really likes to help others, who are capable just like himself, and he can do that through his art.

See more of Matty’s original artwork below:

“We believe that Matty’s autism is a blessing because it’s hyper-focused him on what is important to him,” remarks his mother, Kelli Brown.

Fans of his artwork can follow along with Matty on his Instagram page.

Those who’d like to support Camp K and its programs can purchase merch with Matty’s designs from Paper Clouds Apparel’s website.