SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Six houses caught on fire in less than 24 hours across Utah Tuesday: one in Weber County, two in Salt Lake County and three in Provo.

Multiple families have been left without a home for the holidays. “It’s just like moving so fast you just kinda feel helpless,” neighbor and fire victim Emma Gleave said.

Luke and Emma Gleave said they woke up Monday night to screaming and tires exploding. They didn’t know what was happening until they looked out the window and were face-to-face with the flames.

“I was like, oh my gosh, Luke, Luke, Luke! The neighbor’s house is on fire. We gotta get up, we gotta get out,” Emma said. 

They said thanks to firefighters and the small gap between their garage and their home, only their garage was damaged. But their neighbors, the Molinaro family with three teenage boys, were left with rubble.  

“This is more like devastating, more traumatic than you realize just looking at it,” Luke said. Provo Fire believe it started with the Molinaro’s carport catching fire.

Theirs isn’t the only home in flames today. It’s one of six, with homes being destroyed in Salt Lake and Weber County. “It’s crazy that there’s been so many in such a short amount of time,” Provo Fire Captain Jeanie Atherton said. 

Firefighters said heating is the second leading cause of home fires, with heaters being especially dangerous. “You want to make sure those are 8 ft. away from anything flammable when running and we prefer that those are plugged directly into the wall because they draw a lot of current,” Atherton said. 

And when the fire hits, the Gleaves said there’s nothing you can do but watch as your life goes up in flames, only to see it black and charred the next day. “It just feels kind of like a reminder of the tragedy and how it’s not just like a house and few things burned down, it’s like people’s whole lives were affected and it’s just sad how it’s just sitting there,” Emma said. 

The fire in West Valley caused approximately $150 thousand in damage, according to West Valley Fire. The Weber County fire engulfed a home worth $2 million according to Weber Fire, and Provo fire said the Molinaro’s house is unsalvageable. 

A GoFund me to help the Molinaro family can be found here