LEVAN, Utah (ABC4) – Low water levels in central Utah is prompting a reminder from a state park to “stay out of the dark sand.”

Officials with Yuba State Park, located on the Sevier Bridge Reservoir in Juab and Sanpete counties, took to Facebook on Saturday to issue the reminder. They shared these photos of a camper stuck in the sand.

SLIDESHOW: Truck pulling camper gets caught in sand at Yuba State Park

“Just because it looks safe, doesn’t mean it is for your enormous trailer and truck to park right along the water’s edge!” the post reads.

Officials say the water has receded so much along the beach that the sand is more like mud as you get closer to the reservoir.

“It is that time of year again with low water where a courtesy reminder of ‘stay out of the dark sand’ will save you thousands of dollars in a wrecker fee to get you unstuck!”

If you are visiting Yuba State Park, you are encouraged to stay a couple hundred yards or more from the water.

“Please use sound judgment when traveling the beaches,” officials warn.