‘You don’t stop missing them’: Law enforcement families react to California mass shooting

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(ABC4 News) – Officers killed in the line of duty is an all too familiar tragedy for many families of law enforcement. The daily lives of those whose loved ones risk their lives, is not an easy one.

Nannette Wride knows that all too well. She got that dreaded call in January of 2014.

“Our world shattered on that day. I was at work and I got a call from a friend right at work that Corey had been shot and killed,” she said.

Her husband, Utah County Sheriff Sergeant Corey Wride, was shot and killed while on duty. It was something she had feared daily.

“I literally worried every single day he drove out of my driveway that he wouldn’t come home. Terrified. My children were terrified,” said Nannette.

She says it’s the same with law enforcement families around the nation.

“It’s a hard life for the family of a police officer to live because it’s very real.”

Nannette says it’s a pain that comes back when you hear another officer has been killed.

“It’s like a band-aid rip off. No matter how much you heal and how much I stop looking back and wishing for things that might have been, I just can’t hold back the tears,” she said.

After her husband’s death, the community rallied around her family. To this day, however, she says Corey is still a part of their life.

“You don’t stop missing them, and you don’t stop thinking of them with every breath you take, but the hurt gets better.”

She says her heart goes out to the family of the Sergeant killed in the mass shooting in California.

“My feelings go out the families and the roller coaster they’re going to have to go through because you literally not only have to rebuild your life, you have to rebuild yourself,” said Nannette.

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