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You can go home again – Behind the Badge with Officer Darrin Williams

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LOGAN, UTAH (News4Utah) The old expression says “You can’t go home again.”  However, that’s not true for Officer Darrin Williams. He worked in Logan – then took a job in Salt Lake City for more than a decade. But he’s now back in Logan where he started his career and in the city he calls home. Here’s this week’s Behind the Badge police profile. 

“As we turn the corner – there’s a grassy knoll there and the subject was standing there – sees us – turns around sees us in the parking lot and immediately goes into a full sprint right toward our car.” Officer Darrin Williams shares a story from his first few days as a cop in Logan. “And as we are opening our doors to get out – he is up on the hood and into the windshield and rolling and were giving command – ‘Keep your hands where we can see them.’ And he was actively coming at my partner – who had a taser.” “He tased him – tases him paralysis him for about five seconds and then as soon as the taser ends I put the guy in custody – in handcuffs.” That was Officer Williams introduction to police work. And nearly twenty years later – it’s still a vivid memory. “So, something like that – you’re going. You don’t go to sleep.” “You hope you can get to sleep before two.”

For about five years – he patrolled the streets of his home in Logan. Then he took a job in Salt Lake City – to work as an Attorney General investigator. He was part of teams that took down criminals and deviants for more than a decade. Something he had wanted to do since his childhood. “I remember watching – not necessarily all the cop shows cause I really didn’t get into those – but the private investigator shows. Magnum P.I. Simon and Simon and these detective type shows. Where your out at night running around trying to find the bad guys.” Police work – in all it’s forms – is something Williams loves. “Its so varied and sundry in its application. Its always excited and something new.” And serving and protecting is something the 48-year-old officer truly enjoys.  “…that is where the satisfaction comes – when you know you’re having an impact on that person’s life in a positive way.” 

Officer Williams says a few months ago he had a chance to come back to Cache County and once again work for the Logan P-D. “Taking the specialized skills I was able to pick up down south and applied state wide and being able to bring them up here and do that in Logan has been invaluable.” And he says being back on the streets where it all started – is exactly how he planned it. “I wanted to finish out strong with local PD. Hopefully back home. The way this has worked out – to be able to come back to Logan is a dream come true.” 

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